How it works

>woof-o offers every dog in the North Amsterdam area a professional and reliable individual dog-walking service. Our service is tailored to meet your dog’s needs. Most dog-walking services don’t consider the individual dog. They go for walks with large groups. But, this doesn’t work for every dog.

woof-o offers individual walks for dogs who can’t run and play like other dogs. They may suffer from a chronic illness or they may be recovering from an operation. woof-o individual walks also cater to dogs that are quickly intimidated or easily frightened or that don’t want to socialize with other dogs.

woof-o offers group walks with a maximum of 4 dogs. woof-o group walks are designed for dogs that enjoy playing with other dogs but aren’t comfortable in large groups that are common at other dog-walking services.

woof-o guarantees a safe and playful environment for each dog. We carefully create groups by considering each dog’s needs and personality. After woof-o meets and takes your four-footed friend on a free walk, he’ll be placed in group that fits his needs and personality.

Naturally, you want only the best for your dog. You can entrust your loyal four-footed friend to woof-o and be assured the best care possible so that you can focus on your needs without worry.

To ensure that your dog receives the service he deserves, woof-o starts with an intake at your home and a short walk with you and your dog. This short meeting gives us the opportunity to meet you and your dog in a familiar environment. The intake is without obligation.

woof-o offers an inexpensive monthly subscription. At the start of each month you’ll receive an invoice with an iDeal link for  easy payment.

When you’ve scheduled a woof-o individual walk, your dog will be picked up at your home.
The individual walk will take place near your home.

When your dog walks with a woof-o group, he’ll be picked up at your home and go for a walk at a nature reserve near your home.
After each walk your loyal friend will be safely returned home.