People and Dogs in a Loving Connection

This is my mission, the reason I do what I do.

A good and loving relationship between people and their dogs creates a caring and enjoyable togetherness both at home and in the outside world. For both people and dogs training is the foundation to a carefree relationship.

But, loving doesn’t mean unbounded, a life with no rules

Loving means training with positive reinforcement. You don’t achieve anything by punishing your dog and in the worst-case scenario you’ll damage your relationship.

Understanding is the foundation

Every dog is different. Every owner is different. That’s why woof-o offers individual coaching, completely tailored to your personal situation.

The basis of my training is understanding your dog’s needs and behavior.

Not all behavior that you consider troubling is actually problematic. That’s why I find it important to create in my clients a fundamental understanding of dog behavior.

During a home visit and a walk with you and your dog I listen to your concerns and also directly experience your relationship with your dog. I then use this information to make an extensive analysis and to create a personalized training plan for you and your dog.

Step for Step towards success!

In your personal training plan you’ll receive step-for-step exercises that you can do every day at home and during your walks.  During this period I’ll also give you advice and tips.

If your training doesn’t progress as quickly as  expected and achieving the desired behavior takes longer than you’d hoped, I’ll happily re-examine your situation and adjust my training plan if needed.

During the training process I’d also like to receive short films of you and your dog so that I can celebrate your successes with you!

Puppy coaching

Finally, the cute little puppy or sweet rescue from abroard you waited for moved into your home. But what now?
How do you manage the first weeks and month?
There are so many puppy classes but your personal daily life requires more than just Sit, Down and Stay.
I offer customized coaching with lots of space for questions and an individual program. In my oppinion it is much more important that you and your dog can participate the all-day life without stress and fear than that your dog can perform a lot of tricks and cues. Because then your dog can accompany you more often and you can do nice things together.

In stead of a standard program we will train thing which are important for you and your personal situation. At your home or in your own neighbourhood.


As I said, it is not an one-fits-all program. Here are some suggestions of possible things we could do together:

  • Engagement
  • Pottytraining
  • To bench or not to bench?
  • Body care
  • Kids & Puppies
  • Relaxed on the leash
  • Come here
  • Games for in- and outdoors
  • Puppy on Tour
  • Bycicle training
  • Car training
  • and much more…

Duration and costs

This puppy coaching takes 10 session of 30 minutes each, divided over 12 week maximum and costs € 300 all in.