Who is woof-o?

Passion for animals

I am Stef Blomberg, the founder of woof-o dog walking service.

I grew up with many kinds of animals such as; horses, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds and of course dogs. At the age of 31 I welcomed Higgins, (or Tilman ut Eyther Land, as stated in his pedigree) a beautiful Gordon Setter into our family. Higgins was a beloved family member for more than 10 years. After my move from Germany to the Netherlands there was unfortunately no time or space for a new dog. In order to stay in contact with these wonderful animals, I worked voluntarily in several animal shelters, this was very rewarding and gave me a lot of joy.

Making my dream come true

In 2017 I decided to retrain and successfully completed my training at the Martin Gaus Academie to become a qualified dog walker. For me this was the first step in making my dream a reality. To be together with my soulmates every day is simply the most beautiful thing in the world for me. Equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, I am now able to work with dogs in a professional capacity.

Since spring 2018 I am working voluntarilly at the animal shelter in Zaandam. I am walking and training their dogs and helping future owners to handle the dog which they are about to adopt.

Since april 2019 I am studying at the Dutch Association for Instructors in Dog Education and Training to become a certified dog trainer. Meanwhile I passed all 3 theoretical exams. In February 2021 the final exam, a practical one will take place and then I hopefully may call myself a fully cetrified dog trainer.

My Mission

For the love of dogs

This sentence is not accidentally mentioned underneath the name of my company.
It’s my mission to create a loving bond between humans and dogs.

Since I was a child I love animals and dogs always had a special place in my heart. Dogs inspire me and deserve something better than just a dogs life.
I would like to contribute to this.

No human being is the same and no dog is the same. Eventhough a dog is no human it is neverless a personality which wants to be seen. An individual with it’s own needs. With this point of view I take care for the dogs I walk. You can do it too.

You will be surprised what you can accomplish with your loyal friend. Step by step your will learn how to creat the behaviour you would like to see in your dog. I will advise and support you with training your dog in a loving and positive way.

Full of passion I work and walk the dogs under my care. I invest in my own knowledge and skills, visit lectures and follow courses so my work is based upon the latest findings and knowledge of behavioral research.

As dogs humans are never finished learing.