woof-o: tailored service

woof-o is the dog walking service in the Amsterdam North area that is completely tailored to the needs of your best friend.

woof-o is accredited dogwalk service by

Harmonic groups provide peace and safety

woof-o group walks give your best friend the appropriate exercise and contact with other dogs.

Under woof-o’s professional supervision, a woof-o group walk strives to give every dog enough space to sniff, to explore and to peacefully interact with other dogs.

woof-o prefers a friendly and calm walk. Running wild and rollicking about can easily develop into a conflict between dogs. But, in a  woof-o group walk, conflicts  are quickly, efficiently and professionally managed.


woof-o is more than just a dog walking service. Please contact me in case you need help and support training your dog.  Does this sound familiar?

  • your dog is hyperactive at home and/or outside, has difficulties to calm down
  • pulling on the lead
  • doesn’t pay any attention to you at home and/or outside, has no recall
  • has no selfcontrol, destroys stuff

woof-o is offering tailored coaching based on your personal situation and the individual needs of your dog.
In case the problems are going deeper and can’t be solved by normal training I will refer you to a dog behavior specialist.


  • woof-o owner, Stef Blomberg, is officially recognized as a certified dogwalker by Martin Gaus Academie and is currently studying  to become a certified dog trainer.
  • woof-o is member of the Dutch Association for Instructors in Dog Education and Training*
    *O&O Nederlandse Vereniging voor Instructeurs in HondenOpvoeding en -Opleiding
  • I am a certified dog trainer.
  • I am studying dog behaviour to become a dog behaviorist (Annorlunda Academy)
  • Monique Bladder – Lesson “Relation between Behavior and Health”
  • Monique Bladder – Lesson “How to handle fearfull and/or insecure dog”
  • Suzanne Steenbergen – Lesson “The rescue dog”
  • Dierbare Ontmoetingen – online-training “Baby & Dog”
  • Femke Engelen – workshop “Motivation 2.0 – From puppy to sport foundation”


You are welcome to contact me via the contactform, by e-mail stef@woof-o.nl or by cellphone/WhatsApp 06 113 99 77 9