Baby & Dog

You are in joyful expectation of a child. Your dog most probably knows already that there are important changes in prospect.
How will it be when the newborn is actually there?
How will your dog react
How can the first encounter be created as safe, and relaxed as possible?

You have for sure already got some stories and tips like:

Give your dog the content of the first diaper to eat. That will cause a good bonding.
Or even better, let him eat the placenta…

Let your dog lick the baby all over.

Baby and dog will get a very strong bond when sleeping together in the cradle.

Is this true?
Most probably you have your opinion about this but also your doubts how it will be eventually.

Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to the interaction between your dog and the new-born?

The 20th week of pregnancy it a good moment to start thinking about the first encounter of your ne born child and your dog. Everything becomes more concrete but there is still enough time to think and making plans.

Content Baby & Dog

Session 1

  • Get to know each other.
  • Are you and your partner on the same page?
  • Dreams and reality
  • Homework assignment

Session 2

  • How will the first encounter will be?
  • Creating a script step by step
  • First try out of several skills and handiness
  • Homework assignment

Session 3

  • Complete rehearsal according to the script
  • Adjustments of the script if necessary
  • Questions, Feedback and everything else necessary to talk about

This course contains 3 private sessions of 90 minutes each & 3 month aftercare by WhatsApp or phone and costs € 425 incl. BTW / excl. kilometre- and/or parking costs.

Experiences of owners


We were helped by Stef in the Hond and Baby training in preparation for our new arrival. Stef was fantastic in preparing us to help our dog transition into this new period in our family life. Thanks to the training and Stef’s bespoke approach, our dog quickly adapted to the new situation and is calm around the baby. This has been in invaluable training as our family grew – I am so pleased that we have a very happy and content dog who has adapted so well to the major change. Thank you SO much Stef – you are the best!